The project  ETUC SociAll - Social Protection for All

Launched in 2019, the EC funded project "ETUC SociAll - Social Protection for All" aims at empowering Trade Unions to actively participate in the implementation of the Council Recommendation on Access to social protection for workers and the self-employed in the field of pensions.
In line with Principles 12 and 15 of the European Pillar of Social Rights, the Recommendation encourages Member States to allow all working people to adhere to social protection systems (closing formal coverage gaps) and to accrue and take-up effective entitlements to receive adequate pensions after retirement (adequate and effective coverage).
The project targets both the national and EU levels. National experiences concerning access to and effectiveness and adequacy of pensions are reported and interpreted against the objectives of the Recommendation. The background of the European Pillar of Social Rights, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the European Economic Governance policy approach will frame the European level contributions towards upward convergence in pension rights.
In doing so the SociAll project aims at unveiling and contrasting incoherencies and imbalances between a restrictive approach adopted towards pension policy and the needs of effectiveness and adequacy of pensions of an increasingly ageing population, given the current economic situation.
The SociAll project outputs allow trade unions to provide their own policy inputs to both national governments and EU institutions for implementing the Recommendation and informing pension systems so that they are highly inclusive, fair, solidarity-based, adequate, effective and sustainable.

Background documents

  • Resolution on ETUC Action programme for Welfare and Social Protection (ENDE)
  • ETUC on European Economic Governance (EN)
  • ETUC position: An EU Economic and Social Governance for a prompt, strong and sustained recovery (EN)
  • ETUC Priorities for the Action Plan implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights (EN)
  • A Trade Union input for an Action Plan to Implement the European Pillar of Social Rights (EN)
  • ETUC position on the Assessment of the Action Plan implementing the EPSR + Roadmap to the EU Social Summit in Porto (EN)


20 May PM - 21 May AM 2021

Oniline European Conference
"ETUC SociAll: Ageing in dignity, a rights-based pension policy in the EU
- European Pillar of Social Rights. Trade Union policy inputs for adequate pensions for all"

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ETUC SociAll Social Protection For All

This project is co-funded

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